Coffee Breath

by fibr, bekako

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released July 27, 2014

fibr, bekako, various internet sources




Guttertrash Denver, Colorado

The aural advent of an event horizon.

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Track Name: Coffee Breath
suicide sickens my stomach and head
it knocks around my brain and instills me with dread
focus not here, not even in my bed
my dreams are somewhere else, fantasies fed
i'm led to a path where i got to pick and choose
chinese neon lights cigarettes and booze
is it life, or is it existence
and what is the difference
i wanna fuck or get fucked so i don't have to listen

do you, did ya know, do you, did ya know

do you know what it feels like to not know yourself
do you know what it feels like to not know yourself
do you know what it feels like to not know yourself
it's unbiasedly damaging, especially to your health
to look in the mirror, and not recognize yourself
it's kinda fuckin obvious that you should get some help

did ya know, did ya know

did ya know, i'm medically unlike you
i'm always stuck, even when i try not to be
and when i be you, i be
cliche free, free from conformism but drenched in hypocrisy
let me take a selfie
(let me take a selfie)
maybe it'll help me
(maybe it'll help me)
get up from rock bottom
lookin for your bitches, i shot em

i can barely even rhyme
so what use am i
slit my wrists till they run dry
scratch that i'll slit my belly so no one's surprised

it's not like they'd be
'i want attention to be mine, to be mine'